UD2-140 Ultrasonic flaw detector: general view



ULTRATECH - development and manufacture of ultrasonic devices for non-destructive testing.

         Our last development is UD2-140 - general purpose multifunctional ultrasonic flaw detector. On the characteristics flaw detector meets the widest modern requirements at various kinds monitoring procedure of quality of materials and products.
         Distinctive features of the device are - the original transformed case from carbon fiber reinforced plastic with a degree of protection IP-66 (see a photo), presence both standard, and additional modes of data registration at monitoring procedure (including with the gauge of a way), simple and convenient intuitively clear interface.
        Into the UD2-140 complete set of delivery enter a set piezoelectric probes, and also a number of additional accessories. The order of the UD2-140 flaw detector software depending on concrete requirements is possible.