About us

     The Basis of collective of ULTRATECH is made by the leading experts worked earlier on one the large defensive enterprises of Kaliningrad (Baltic). The leading designer was one of the main experts of the enterprise, the main designer of some projects of control systems for thermonuclear reactors, ring and linear accelerators, has about 40 applications for inventions.
     With 1989 г.we were engaged by development and manufacture of devices for non-destructive testing. For this time we have executed about 20 development, mainly ultrasonic devices. Works were carried out for design offices, institutes and the industrial organizations.
     In the further we produced in lots the developed equipment for the same organizations, therefore despite of a plenty of made means non-destructive testing, we promoted promotion on the market of other firms.
       For 25 years wide experience of development and serial release practically all spectrum of ultrasonic devices for non-destructive testing is saved up:  
Probes of different types, including chord type probes and multielement acoustic blocks,
Acoustic-emission (up to 32 channels) systems,
Ultrasonic flaw detectors including the general application, specialized and tiny (the intellectual gauge),
Multichannel systems of the automated ultrasonic control.
    Now all development and output are carried out only under own trade mark ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGIES (ULTRATECH).